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The Bathysmed Protocol: An Innovative Approach for Stress Treatment

Bathysmed® is an innovative therapeutic protocol developed by physicians and therapists. It has been validated in clinical studies conducted on individuals who have experienced profound stress and trauma, including DivHope (with survivors of the Bataclan attacks) and CogniDive (military personnel returning from the front).

Discover Our Protocol

The complete Bathysmed® protocol consists of 3 cycles of 4 dives each, with each cycle having a distinct focus. The protocol can be completed in 10 dives if performed consecutively, such as in the form of a workshop or retreat.

Cycle focused on the body

Cycle focused on the mind

Cycle focused on the integration of body and mind

Découvrez Le Protocole Bathysmed

Le protocole complet bathysmed se compose de 3 cycles de 4 plongées chacun , chaque cycle se concentrant sur un capacité particulière. Le protocole peut se faire en 10 plongées si elles se font sous forme de stage

Cycle tourné vers le corps

Cycle tourné vers le mental

Cycle consacré à l’équilibre corps/esprit

Why does it work?

This explains the effectiveness of the Bathysmed method.

1. Heart rate coherence

The scuba-diving regulator promotes deep and controlled breathing, activating our parasympathetic nervous system and slowing our heart rate as it synchronises with our breath.

2. Mindfulness

Immersion facilitates a state of mindfulness – in which one is free from the stimulation and stream of intrusive thoughts above land – to focus longer and more deeply on the present moment.

3. Disconnection

The sensation of being enveloped by water is reminiscent of pre-natal existence – floating weightlessly in intrauterine fluid – stimulating our proprioceptive awareness and heightening kinaesthetic sensation: movement felt by the muscles, tendons and joints.

Why choose Bathysmed?

An approach recognized by the largest international institutions.

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