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Explore therapeutic diving as a method to manage and reduce stress.

Discover how survivors of the Bataclan attacks and military personnel returning from the front benefited from the Bathysmed protocol to help them manage their stress and traumas.

Discover Our Program

Discover Bathysmed

Discover the Bathysmed® approach with initial exercises both above and below the water during a session in a pool or a natural environment.

Bathysmed Focused Cycle

Dive into the Protocol one cycle at a time. Choose your focus: body, mind or body & mind.

Bathysmed® Protocol

Complete all 3 cycles (Body, Mind and MindBody) in just 10 dives.

Bathysmed Retreats

Experience the Bathysmed® protocol in a dream destination. Disconnect from your every day life and reconnect with your mindbody.

How to Register?

By following the steps below, you can easily and quickly register

1. Choose a program that suits me.

Choose the program that interests you among the four available Bathysmed options for participants.

2. Search for an instructor

Search for an instructor using the map and get in touch with them to confirm availability.

3. Complete the registration

Sign up on the Bathysmed website to access the online training ressources.

Where to Find a Bathysmed Instructor Near You?

Use the map to find a certified instructor near you

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