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The Bathysmed protocol is recognized by major institutions.


Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI, the global leader in dive training since its establishment in 1966, offers diverse learning programs for all levels, from beginners to instructors, with a focus on safety, education, and ocean conservation. This ensures the development of competent and responsible divers on an international scale.


Association Nationale des Moniteurs de Plongée

The Guides of the Sea/ANMP (National Association of Diving Instructors) is a union that brings together the Guides of the Sea, diving professionals holding a state diploma. This union advocates for and promotes the profession to authorities, administrations, and the general public. It also provides its members with essential services for their daily professional practice, including insurance, legal protection, job placement, training courses (the French Diving School is recognized by the French sports code and abroad), educational tools, partnerships, and a support network among other offerings for its members.


Divers Alert Network

DAN (Divers Alert Network) is a non-profit organization providing assistance to divers in need. The DAN research department conducts significant research on recreational diving. Studies conducted by DAN are supported by donations and subscriptions, discovering important information that benefits the entire community and enhances safety in recreational diving worldwide. The DAN medical department addresses questions in hyperbaric medicine.


Qualiopi Certified Process

The Qualiopi certification aims to ensure the quality of training services provided by organizations, certifying that their services comply with the quality standards of the national reference framework.

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