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Explore the depths of serenity through wellness diving

Wellness Diving
a new form of diving!

Wellness Dving focuses on the immersive underwater experience to help divers relax and recharge, and even resume diving after a period of inactivity or stress. This form of diving may include activities such as underwater meditation, sophrology, and creative visualization. Wellness diving is often considered a recreational activity rather than a sport.

Wellness Diving Helps You

Manage stress Regain balance Strengthen your body

Scuba Diving and Mindfulness: What connections?

Explore the relationship between scuba diving and mindfulness, highlighting how this unique activity can foster self-connection and being present in the moment, while also providing mental well-being benefits.

You are highly sensitive! Bathysmed diving is the perfect activity for you!

Explore how this particular form of diving can provide a soothing environment tailored to the needs of highly sensitive individuals, thus promoting their well-being and flourishing.

How diving enhances Heart Rate Coherence ?

Examine how this unique activity can contribute to regulating heart rate, promoting better heart rate coherence, and offering cardiovascular health benefits.

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