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How to deal with a panic attack during the Covid-19 pandemic?


The confinement situation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, entirely unprecedented, brings its share of daily stress. Continuous news updates, with their litany of more or less alarming information, from the number of deaths to experimental treatments whose effectiveness is uncertain, and the elusive vaccine, all against the backdrop of confinement, a disruption of the daily routine, and uncertainties about the future, create the perfect mix for experiencing anxiety or, worse, a panic attack. While managing the urgency and controlling the crisis related to Covid-19 has been a priority for the government from the start, addressing the psychological consequences is also looming on the horizon.

Indeed, many people are experiencing or will soon experience anxiety attacks, which can even escalate to panic attacks. Living through an anxiety or panic attack is always unpleasant, potentially traumatic, and may even develop into a chronic condition. However, applying some well-founded knowledge and simple strategies can help cope with and defuse these crises. Vincent Meurice, a sophrologist and instructor, co-founder of Bathysmed, explains here why managing an anxiety attack is not about using the mind but rather the body, and how to react when the first signs appear. With the help of these simple tips, you can become your best ally in managing your emotions during confinement and regain control. As soon as conditions allow, another solution is readily available: treating yourself to Bathysmed dives!

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