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Add new dimensions to your explorations

Our Diving Method Helps You

Master your breathing Manage your stress underwater Better enjoy the marine environment Optimize your recovery

Discover the Bathysmed experience, merging diving, meditation, and sophrology, perfectly adapted to all divers, even the most experienced. Whether to improve your air management, reduce your stress, or increase your concentration, enhance your diving experience for an even deeper and serene adventure.

Bathysmed Discovery Baptism

Explore the Bathysmed® approach with initial exercises above and below the water during a session in a pool or a natural environment.

Specific Bathysmed Cycle

Step-by-step approach that allows focusing on a capacity (body, mind, body + mind)

Bathysmed Full Cycle

Which allows to complete the 3 cycles of the Bathysmed protocol in just 10 dives.

Bathysmed Retreats

Complete the 3 cycles of the Bathysmed protocol in a dream destination, the most effective way to disconnect

Transform your diving with Bathysmed!

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