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Portrait and testimonial of an entrepreneur experiencing stress


In early March 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, Christophe Foucault, CEO of CEI.BA in Guadeloupe, like all entrepreneurs, faced a lot of stress. He shared his experience with BathysMed diving with Vincent Meurice. This testimony is more relevant than ever and will help everyone, whether a business owner or an employee, to take control and, in the near or distant future, return to the physical office with calm and zen.

As a business owner in Guadeloupe, I am passionate and enthusiastic about everything I undertake, involved in various entrepreneurial and associative activities. Like everyone else, I sometimes feel the need to take a step back to “recharge my batteries” and cultivate my balance.


I approached Vincent Meurice, the director of the Atlantis diving club in Bouillante, whom I knew because I am a diver. It was he who told me about the completely innovative protocol developed with Frédéric Bénéton and Dr. Mathieu Coulange (Sainte Marguerite Hospital in Marseille) during clinical trials conducted between Guadeloupe, Malta, and Marseille.

Having knowledge of both sophrology, meditation, and scuba diving, I was genuinely curious to see what a combination of all these practices could achieve! So, I started training in the BathysMed protocol with Vincent’s team, and I must admit that the result exceeded my expectations.

We focus a lot on breathing, awareness, and letting go. The underwater world is perfectly suited for these exercises. From my first session, I felt both relieved of stress and filled with energy. This sensory and mental experience is absolutely unique, and the results are truly astonishing.

I finished several weeks ago, and now I naturally find myself reliving certain underwater exercises while driving to work. This training not only helps with relaxation but also instills deep breathing reflexes. I recommend trying this experience to anyone who wants to discover an original and effective way to manage their stress.

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