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“Second Souffle” for survivors of attacks thanks to Bathysmed


Journalist Simon Rossi contributes a wonderful article on the benefits of diving in the May issue of the magazine “Sphères,” currently available online and in bookstores on order.

In the article “Second Souffle“, two particularly powerful testimonies can be discovered with Morgane and Noémie, survivors of the November 13, 2015, Paris attacks who successfully emerged from their post-traumatic stress and regained the joy of living after participating in the BathysMed DivHope trial. “It changed my life,” Morgane recounts. “I learned to breathe. It had been over two years since I was breathing, and I didn’t know it. I also regained sleep during that diving week. Before, without sleeping pills, I barely slept four hours a night, it was unbearable. For the first time since November 13, I slept and dreamt, without nightmares, without insomnia.”

As we prepare for our next large-scale trial with emergency physicians experiencing burnout or post-traumatic stress following Covid-19, we look forward to discovering the results of the trial initiated by the University Hospital Center (CHU) and the city of Nice, with about ten participants following a protocol of 10 “classic” dives in a pool. The similarity of the protocols will allow comparisons that will advance research, and all our best wishes for success accompany them.

Each advancement in the field of health diving, each significant result, represents hope. Because while people dive for various reasons, for sport, for records, or even for work, as Noémie explains, there is no need to have post-traumatic stress to seek and feel profound well-being. The young woman, who experienced BathysMed, testifies: “Attention to the body comes spontaneously underwater. It’s like an enchantment that settles in and accompanies me long after the dive. Everything is harmonious, everything is better.”

“Sphères” is a young quarterly magazine, between a magazine and a collectible book, which dedicates each edition to a community of enthusiasts. The second issue offers an immersion into the bubbles of underwater divers. Featuring a carte blanche to Guillaume Nery in the preface, a portfolio on the freediving champion Morgan Bourc’his, and a meeting with a former combat swimmer from the Hubert commando, you can find it now at:

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