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Become a 1st-degree Bathysmed instructor


You are already a French or foreign instructor and you want to offer the entire Bathysmed protocol for stress management and prevention for individuals not suffering from severe stress-related pathologies? Join our one-week training with the Bathysmed staff!

Training Requirements

The trainee must possess, before entering the training, the following level:Supervisor E3 (as stipulated in Annex III.15B of Article A-322-74 of the Sports Code, scuba diving section).

Special Case : A trainee in the process of obtaining E3 certification (MF1 FFESSM or FSGT, or a trainee in the process of obtaining DEJEPS) can participate in the BATHYSMED training if they can provide an up-to-date pedagogical record or a current training contract. However, the completion certificate will only be issued to the trainee after obtaining the final E3 certification.

Individuals holding the BPJEPS scuba diving certification can participate in the BATHYSMED training as long as they work under the supervision of a Dive Director. For those working in a foreign zone, a sufficient Instructor level registered with the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council) is required.  

Training Objectives

This training will allow you to:

  • Teach the various levels of the Bathysmed program in the field of sports and health.
  • To continue your training in specialties with therapeutic aims.
  • Analyze traditional practitioners from a more relevant perspective and improve the pedagogical approach in diving.

Training Program

The training takes place in several modules.

  • Module 1 : Administration and Presentation of the Training
  • Module 2 : Physiology of Stress
  • Module 5 : Sophrology
  • Module 8 : Diving Safety and Prevention
  • Module 9 : Diving Techniques and Pedagogy BTY
  • Module 10 : Protocol BTY

Financing and Fees

According to your status and eligibility for coverage :

  • For personal financing: 2 200€ for week 1 (BTY1) Payable in up to 3 installments without interest (3 monthly payments).
  • In the context of professional training (period of professionalization, training plan), External financing: Add 200€ for administrative fees.

Bathysmed can assist the trainee or their organization in preparing the document with the OPCA.

Admission Process

The steps to follow to participate in the Bathysmed training program are as follows:  

  1. Contact our admissions service by email at:
  2. Conduct a phone interview with the training coordinator
  3. Complete your registration form and send it to us by email or mail

Check the upcoming Bathysmed trainings by clicking HERE.


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