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Scuba Diving and Mindfulness: What Connections?


Scuba diving and states of mindfulness share similarities in that both can help individuals focus on the present moment and relax.

Scuba diving can help create a state of relaxation due to the peaceful underwater environment and the need for regular, deep breathing. Focusing on diving-related tasks, such as managing equipment and navigation, can also contribute to being present in the moment.

Similarly, mindfulness practices such as meditation and conscious breathing aim to help individuals focus on the present moment and relax. Mindfulness practices can aid in reducing stress and anxiety, and they may also improve sleep quality and the ability to concentrate.

It is, therefore, possible that scuba diving could serve as a means for some individuals to experience states of mindfulness. However, it’s crucial to note that scuba diving is an activity that requires proper training to be comfortable and relaxed enough to approach mindfulness states. Similarly, being guided by a professional is necessary to avoid risks associated with this activity.

Therefore, it’s important not to confuse scuba diving with meditation, even though there are similarities between the two.

Bathysmed Diving and Mindfulness

Access to mindfulness levels is one of the main objectives of the Bathysmed protocol. The state of mindfulness is particularly targeted in Bathysmed Diver Level 3.

Even though traditional diving can aid in meditation, specific work is often needed to achieve mindfulness. The sequence of Bathysmed exercises facilitates this work, and the accumulation of Bathysmed dives serves as a toolkit to bring back this state of serenity to the surface and everyday life.

The Bathysmed protocol has been used and measured in several clinical studies. The results show real effectiveness in improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from stress-related pathologies. It is advisable to go through ‘trained instructors’ in this protocol if you are interested in this approach.

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