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BATHYSMED diving course for the ProGeLife Biotech team in Marseille.

On October 10 and 11, 2019, in Sausset les Pins, under the October sun, the researchers of the Biotech ProGeLife received a different teaching from classic diving, focused on relaxation, well-being, and stress prevention. Between relaxation sessions and dives in the sea, everyone validated the BATHYSMED Level 1. The sessions are done in small groups. […]

« My job is to make people’s eyes sparkle »

Vanessa Grouiller, who is a teacher and diving instructor at the Subaquatic Club of Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, was at the heart of organizing the diving weekend with the Children of the Moon in Annecy at the end of August. Here are some reflections on two days of emotion and dives with stars in their eyes. The 2019 […]

Portrait and testimonial of an entrepreneur experiencing stress

In early March 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, Christophe Foucault, CEO of CEI.BA in Guadeloupe, like all entrepreneurs, faced a lot of stress. He shared his experience with BathysMed diving with Vincent Meurice. This testimony is more relevant than ever and will help everyone, whether a business owner or an employee, […]

Effectively Managing Stress: A Special Sophrology Session For Confinement

Managing stress on a day-to-day basis and envisioning the future during this period of confinement and global crisis can be challenging. It becomes even more delicate when the practice of our favorite sport, which usually helps regulate unpleasant emotions, is not possible. Because the directive is quite clear: STAY AT HOME! However, we must not […]

How to deal with a panic attack during the Covid-19 pandemic?

The confinement situation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, entirely unprecedented, brings its share of daily stress. Continuous news updates, with their litany of more or less alarming information, from the number of deaths to experimental treatments whose effectiveness is uncertain, and the elusive vaccine, all against the backdrop of confinement, a disruption of the daily routine, […]

In the face of the pandemic, there is a surge in post-traumatic stress.

And now, a wave of post-traumatic stress? During these past weeks, nearly 57% of humanity has experienced confinement since the appearance of the virus that spread across the surface of the Earth at the speed of light. Putting healthcare workers and healthcare systems to a severe test, it has also frayed our nerves. And the […]

“Second Souffle” for survivors of attacks thanks to Bathysmed

Journalist Simon Rossi contributes a wonderful article on the benefits of diving in the May issue of the magazine “Sphères,” currently available online and in bookstores on order. In the article “Second Souffle“, two particularly powerful testimonies can be discovered with Morgane and Noémie, survivors of the November 13, 2015, Paris attacks who successfully emerged […]

MONITOR TRAINING LIVE IN CONFLANS: Intervention by Dr. Jean-Arthur Micoulaud Franchi, psychiatrist at Bordeaux University Hospital

” Stress is an essential adaptation process for maintaining life. However, sometimes stressors exceed the adaptive capacities of individuals. This acute overload can lead to a panic attack and accidental risk. Chronic overload can lead to exhaustion for the individual and their organism, and psychiatric disorders. Understanding adaptation strategies to stress can help individuals reduce […]

Monitor Training in Conflans

Congratulations to the brand new BathysMed instructors who have just been certified! A big congratulations to everyone for their commitment during this training. Wishing them much success!